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Getting Started

Electric touring bike pre-ride checklist

Electric bike power switch - turning on

Bike lights for night riding - turning on

Electric bike LCD display manual functions

Bicycle road rules - sidewalks on eBikes ok?


Maintaining My Tower Electric Bike

How to tune up a bike from Tower

Best bike cleaner for cleaning a Tower eBike

Lithium ion battery safety precautions and maintenance

E-Bike battery 48v 20ah long term storage considerations

Electric bike battery 48v cleaning instructions

Electric bike chain maintenance

Tektro brake pads and eBike brake maintenance

eBike wheel maintenance


Troubleshooting Guide

eBike battery removal

How to adjust bike disc brakes

Ebike single speed and gear differences - shifting

Bike derailleur adjustments

Bike size for height - eBike seat considerations


General Info

High speed electric bike maximum speed versus Tower

eBike rules regarding licensing and insurance

Battery assisted bikes battery care

eBike battery case weight considerations

Electric bike range on a single charge

48 volt lithium battery standard - are there other options

How to shift gears on a bike from Tower

Best eBike for hills - how does Tower stack up?

Lightweight eBike advantages for walking

Bike height - seat adjustment range

Comfortable bike seats - aftermarket options

How to measure bike size and stand over height

Bicycle phone charger standard with Tower eBikes

Pedal assist electric bike options - motor-free allowed?

eBike safety considerations for rain

Replacement batteries for electric bikes at Tower


LCD Display Help

Electric bike LCD display topics

eBike display trip distance reset

Electric bike speed - switching measuring units

Electric bike speed limiter setting