Tubeless Sealant Recharge (Hub Motor Wheel) 

Service Price: $25

Tubeless tire systems on your ebike rely heavily on a sealant that exists on the inside of the tubeless tire. This sealant helps fill all the small gaps and seam between the tire and the wheel, as well as fill any small punctures that could occur on your ebike. However, this sealant does not last forever and must be replaced or topped off from time to time.

As time goes on, the sealant can harden up, making it not do its job of filling punctures or smaller openings. For our ebike sealant recharge service, we help top that sealant off. First, we remove the cores from your ebike’s wheels, releasing all the pressure and allowing us access to the inside of the tire. Once we remove the core from the valve, we then attach our sealant bottle to the valve, and squirt the proper amount of sealant into the tubeless tire (the proper amount will vary depending on brand of sealant). After the sealant has been injected into the ebike tubeless setup, we reinstall the core into the valve , and inflate the tire to the proper PSI. The sealant will then naturally distribute itself throughout the tubeless tire as the ebike rides.

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