Tubeless Bike Tires Repair (Hub Motor Wheel)

Service Price: $95

Tubeless tire systems are a relatively recent cycling innovation that allows you to ride your ebike without the use of tubes. This is made possible through a redesign of the bead of the tire and the inner lip of the rim. The redesign of these two parts allows for the tire and rim, when aired up with the appropriate pressure, to snap together firmly, creating an airtight seal. This seal, combined with a sealant inside of the tire, helps create an airtight environment, much like a regular bike tube.

This tubeless wheel and tire setup does have some advantages over a traditional tube and tire on your ebike. The biggest benefit, especially for ebike riders, is that it makes the tire a bit more puncture resistant. The tire is still subject to thorns and punctures, but the punctures do not affect the tubeless tire as much as a regular tube. Where a puncture would make a regular tubed tire on an ebike go flat and lose air, a tubeless ebike setup, allows the hole to immediately fill with a sealant that is inside the tire.

As ebikes tend to pick up more punctures due to added weight, having a punctures not make your ebike tire go flat is always going to be a huge advantage. Some other advantage to a tubeless tire setup is there is a bit less weight on the ebike and you can run a slightly lower tire pressure.

For our ebike tubeless tire install service on a hub driven motor, first the wheel and the tire must be tubeless ready, or tubeless compatible. This means that the tire and wheel are specifically made to be able to be setup tubeless. We will not do any tubeless tire installs on wheels and tires that were not made to be set up tubeless, as we cannot guarantee that the air pressure will hold. The first step in a tubeless tire setup on a hub driven motor wheel is to properly remove the wheel from the bike, taking care to disconnect the ebike cables from the motor.

The next step once the hub motor wheel is off of the frame is to move the old ebike tire, tube, and rim strip from the wheel. Once those have been removed, we begin the process of taping the inner rim with tubeless tape. This tubeless tape is different from traditional rim strips or rim tape you would have on your ebike. This tubeless tape is thicker, makes a better seal, and makes it so any holes on the inner rim are covered. Once the ebike wheel is properly taped, we then install the valve, and mount the tire. We use an air compressor to quickly inflate the tire up to pressure, and have it snap snuggly into the rim of the wheel. Once the tire has snapped into the rim, we then add sealant into the tire through the valve. Finally, after the sealant has been installed, we let the tires rest for a day on your ebike. This ensures that there is a proper seal and that the ebike wheels do not lose any air pressure. After we confirm that they are holding pressure, your ebike is ready to go with a brand new tubeless system!

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