Tower E-Bike Battery Dock

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  • Tower E-Bike Battery Dock - BIKE-ACC-DOCK
  • Tower E-Bike Battery Dock - BIKE-ACC-DOCK

Tower E-Bike Battery Dock

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Battery dock for Tower Electric Bikes. Compatible with Tower/Samsung 48V/14Ah batteries.

Battery dock allows allows for removal without disconnecting any wires in order to charge or to switch to a fully charged battery. Our battery locks into place with a key. In order to keep the design of the ebike compact and for an added level of security the battery must be lifted and rotated to remove from the dock.

Replacement battery dock should be fitted to the down pipe in the frame.


Instructions For Installing & Removing Your Battery


      • Place battery into dock area at the top of the down pipe.
      • Rotate the battery into place.
      • Slide battery down into base position.
      • Lock battery in place using the key provided.


      • Unlock the battery.
      • Lift battery up and out of dock.
      • Rotate the battery so it can be removed from the docking area.




      Color: Black

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