Threadless Stem Installation, Removal, or Swap Out

Service Price: $20

Stems are an important part of your comfort while you are riding your electric bike. The stem is the piece that connects your handlebars to your steer tube and allows you to turn your ebike. The length and the angle of the stem will dictate the position you ride your electric bicycle. Some stems will be angled down, to give you more of an aggressive “down” body position, while a stem angled upward would give you more of a relaxed riding position. The stems also come in different lengths, that would accommodate different sized riders with different reaching lengths.

Threadless stems are only used on ebikes with threadless headsets (vs. a Quill stem that is used with a threaded headset). The threadless stem works only with that style of headset because threadless headsets allow the steer tube of the fork to come out of the top of the ebike frame. The threadless stem then clamps onto the steer tube of the fork. If you are looking to switch stems, whether it be for comfort or performance, our ebike threadless stem service is for you!

The first step in our stem install service is to first remove the old stem. To take the ebike stem off, first we loosen the steer tube pinch bolts, so the stem can now move freely. After those have been loosened, we then take off the top cap, which then allows us to remove the whole stem and handlebar setup from the bike. We then remove the front plate of the stem, releasing it from the handlebars. The threadless stem is now removed from the bike.

To install the new stem, we first slide the stem onto the steer tube of the ebike fork. While the new threadless stem is sitting on the steer tube, we then install the top cap, which will hold the fork and the stem together. With the stem now halfway mounted on the ebike, we can then install the handlebars. We position the handlebars in their correct, centered position, and reattach the faceplate of the stem, attaching the handlebars and the stem.

From here on, we are positioning everything in their proper, comfortable positions and tightening down. The first of this is the handlebars. We want to make sure they are rotated in a position that is comfortable for the rider. After the handlebars have been tightened down, we then position the stem so it is straight and centered with the front wheel. Once it is straight, we then tighten down the pinch bolts, cinching the stem to the steer tube. Finally, we would go around to all the bolts and give them a final torque to factory specifications. Once everything has been properly torqued down, your ebike is now ready to ride with its new ebike threadless stem!

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