Threadless Headset Installation, Removal, or Swap Out

Service Price: $45

Your headset is an important part of your ebike frame, as it is the part of the electric bike that allows the ebike fork to rotate around smoothly and turn. However, these headsets do not last forever and occasionally need to be swapped. The headset itself consists of bearings resting inside cups that sit in the frame. These bearings in cups are what allows the ebike fork to turn and rotate smoothly.

During our ebike threadless headset installation service, first we have to get access to the headset. To do this, we have to remove the stem and handlebars from the ebike. Once those have been taken off, we slide the ebike fork out of the frame. Once the fork is off of your ebike, we then access the headset. Once the headset is accessible, we begin by removing the bearings. These bearings may be loose balls, or resting in a ring. Either way, we remove them, exposing the headset bearing cups. To remove the cups, it will vary depending on the headset. Some will have to be punched out with a tool, while others can be remove by hand. Once those cups are taken out, the frame is now headsetless and is ready for the new one to be installed.

The installation is basically the removal procedure, but in reverse. The first step for us is to press fit in the bearing cups into the ebike frame. Once the cups have been pressed into the ebike frame, we set the bearing into the cups. A bit of grease is added to the bearings to help lubricate so they spin smoothly and without resistance. Once the bearings are set in the cups, we reinstall the ebike fork. We then stack the headset spaces, putting the stem back onto the steer tube. Once all those are put back on, we put the top cap back on and torque to the factory specifications. Your ebike is now ready to go with an all new headset installed!

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