Beach Cruiser Bike - Tulum beach cruiser bike

Beach Cruiser Bike - Tulum (BIKE-CRUSR)

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Beach Cruiser

Review by: from Spring, Texas on 12/31/2018
I got the Tower beach cruiser for my wife. We have 2 other cruiser bikes. What I love about the Tower cruiser is the cool styling, excellent components and quiet ride, thanks to the belt drive. Ride is smooth and noiseless.

Couple of upgrades I would make ( I have 3 carbon road bikes, 3 high end mtn bikes and 2 other cruisers).

1) water bottle attachments to install cages 2) optional gear ratio for higher top end speed.

Overall, I love this bike and recommend the purchase.

Great bike for any beach environment!

Review by: from Pacific Beach on 10/31/2019
As a tower employee I get the opportunity to use our products often. I use the Tulum beach cruiser to ride along the boardwalk or take it in and out of the coves in La Jolla. It's very lightweight and rides smooth. My favorite part about it is that I can attach the passenger pegs so my girlfriend and I can both hop on and go for a ride!


Review by: from New Orleans LA on 10/31/2019
My husband and I recently bought two beach cruisers (no motors) and love them. They arrived promptly and were well packaged with easy assembly instructions. They are quite sturdy and really fun to ride. Fat tires are rugged enuf for navigating local streets but not too knobby to make peddling tough. Seat is comfortable. Handle bar position is great for casual riding. Rubber chain makes riding so smooth. All in all, very pleased and highly recommend.

Truly a no-maintenance bike

Review by: from La Jolla, CA on 10/31/2019
Living and working by the beach certainly has it's benefits. RUST is not one of those benefits. I have been a Tower employee for over two years, and I have commuted to work on a bike more days than not. Before I started riding the Tulum beach cruiser, I was replacing the chain on my 1982 Specialized Stumpjumper at least 3 times per year. Since transitioning to the Tulum beach cruiser, there has been no need to worry about maintenance. The belt drive is quiet and efficient! The brakes are quick and effective. The frame is extremely lightweight and rust-free! This bike was 100% designed with the beach lifestyle in mind, and I love it.
Reviews 1-4 of 4