Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires

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Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires

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1 review(s)

Dimensions 26 inch x 2.35 inch. Compatible with any 26 inch bicycle rim.

These flat resistant schwalbe bike tires are proven to last and hold up even after thousands of rides. 

Note this is for 1 tire. If you need 2 tires, add 2 to your cart.

The recommended psi level for these electric bicycle tires is between 22psi and 60psi. We’ve found 45 to be peak performance for safety and speed.


Schwalbe Bike Tires

Matching the color scheme on our electric cruiser bike, these schwalbe bike tires give off an effortless beach style appearance. These Schwalbe fat frank K-Guard tires exceeded all of our expectations and definitely live up to their flat resistant name. We’ve found them superior to the standard kenda tires which are commonly found on other electric bikes on the market. While other ebike companies try to cut costs by selling cheaper, less durable kenda bike tires, we invested in our tires, choosing to incorporate higher quality German tires.

The importance of electric bike tires cannot be overstated. Having to constantly fix flat tires on an ebike is a complete pain and requires a lot of effort. We actually even recommend a mechanic switch an ebike flat tire due to its difficulty, especially on the back tire.

A classic consumer mistake is thinking your electric bike needs super wide, bulky tires. Having fatter tires does not mean you are less susceptible to getting a flat, if anything it's actually more surface area for a pin or thorn to hit. Generally speaking, fat tire electric bikes lack the speed and turning control that smaller, more flat resistant tires provide. Not to mention ebike fat tires are heavier and add way more overall weight to your bike. Schwalbe bike tires are more than able to perform all of your ebike tire needs, and are lightweight, durable, and easy installation.

To ensure our schwalbe bike tires are as long lasting and flat resistant as possible we even include an added level of cushion with a tire liner positioned between the tire itself and the tube. A thin line of tire slime is then added for even more protection against flats, cracks and holes.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to change schwalbe bike tires on an ebike.

1 review(s)

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Fantastic tires with a great retro look
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Review by: from San Diego on 1/12/2021
these tires are light, grip the road very well, have flat protection built, and look fantastic on any bike.