Tire, Tube & Rim Tape

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  • Tire, Tube & Rim Tape - BIKE-WHL-TTT
  • Tire, Tube & Rim Tape - BIKE-WHL-TTT
  • Tire, Tube & Rim Tape - BIKE-WHL-TTT

Tire, Tube & Rim Tape

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Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires are a premium bike tire that look seductively good on any beach cruiser.

We specifically chose the most high-end tires on the market to go along with our high-end electric bike. We sell the tires, tube and tape as a complete set to make replacing your tires as stress-free as possible. These K-Guard tires along with rim tape means you'll really have to try, hard, to puncture these tires.

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Schwalbe Fat Franks

These are not your typical bicycle tire. Being based in Pacific Beach, San Diego, our team knows all too well about the problems with standard beach cruiser tires. Fat Franks are known as the most premium bike tires available on the market, they are produced with Kevlar fibers to prevent punctures.

Fat Frank tires feature a mark on the sidewall which tells the rider which way the tire should roll. Schwalbe design their tires to have minimum rolling resistance while going forward but maximum grip when it comes to braking.

Inner Tube

Extremely lightweight, durable and capable of handling pressure up to 55 PSI. All of our tubes are made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.



  • Color: Brown/Whitewall
  • Size: 26" x 2.35"
  • Weight: 940 grams (ea)
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Construction: Wire bead
  • K-Guard puncture protection


  • Weight: 190g
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Pressure Range: 20-55 PSI


  • Puncture resistant
  • Prevents spoke holes from puncturing the tube

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