Ride Ebike? Pros and Cons

Take a car off the road

As a beach lifestyle brand, we are passionate about keeping our environmental impact to a minimum and we see producing electric bikes as an opportunity to take cars off the streets and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases going into our atmosphere. Typically an eBike will emit around 4% of the CO2 per mile compared to a car. Our e-bikes are built with high quality components, making them a viable option for commuting and everyday use.

Our streets, particularly in urban areas are becoming over populated by cars and hence, traffic. Riding an e-bike and taking a vehicle off the road will help to alleviate this issue that we have all grown to hate.

Less sweaty than traditional bicycles

Two of the main reasons that people choose not to ride their bike to work is that they believe that it is too far, and they work up a sweat while cycling and do not have facilities at their office to take a shower. Electric bikes provide a solution to both of those problems. Pedal assisted ebikes help out riders on longer commutes by reducing the amount of effort needed to power the bike to almost zero depending on the settings you choose.

67% of people said that they need a shower after riding a traditional bike to work and if there aren’t facilities available it can be uncomfortable sitting in work all day without a shower. E-bikes help you reach your destination with less effort and well, less sweating. 74% of people who rode an ebike said that they didn’t need to shower after getting to work.


Studies have shown that In highly populated urban areas, taking a bike to work can actually be faster than driving a car or commuting on public transport. The time it takes to commute on an electric bike may even be less than on a traditional bike as riders won’t get as fatigued towards the end of their journey.

Get outdoors

Nowadays a huge amount of people spend the majority of their time indoors and stationary. Whether it’s driving to and from work, sitting at a desk or putting their feet up when they arrive home society has largely become static. Riding an electric bike will help people to become more active and encourage them to get outdoors by allowing people to go for a bike ride or commute without committing to going for a workout. Electric bikes with pedal assist modes allow you to choose the amount of resistance in the pedals and how difficult of a workout you want. Being outdoors and active are two things you can do that will improve your quality of life and ebikes help you do both of those things.

Riding an electric bike can help you see more of your area than you typically would in a car. The majority of us will take the same route home because it’s what we know and we trust it. We’ll often neglect the smaller streets because traffic can be backed up and they might take a little longer. Traffic is never an issue on an electric bike because you can ride on the sidewalk or down the side of the traffic.