Replacing Bike Spokes (Hub Motor Wheel) 

Service Price: $60

Spokes are the most important part of an ebike wheel, as they connect the outer rim to the wheel hub motor and they hold everything together. In addition to being the support in the wheel, they also make sure the outer rim on the ebike wheel remains straight and spins true. The spokes are extra important on electric bikes, as the added weight of the ebike motor and battery, require them to have more support and strength to accommodate the extra weight.

The spokes hold an extra importance in hub driven wheels, due to the extra torque being applied to the spokes. If one is faulty or missing, that extra torque could damage the whole ebike wheel greatly. When a spoke breaks or comes off an ebike wheel, it is very important to get the spoke replaced promptly. That empty spot, if not repaired with a new spoke, can become a fail spot in the ebike wheel. That spot will start to bow and bend out of place, as the tension is no longer evenly distributed around the rim. This problem gets compounded for every broken or missing spoke. Our ebike spoke replacement service helps replace any missing spokes your wheels may have, as well as making sure the wheel is straight and true after installation.

When we replace a missing spoke or spokes, first we must remove the ebike tire and tube from the wheel itself. After the tire and tube have been removed, then we must remove the rim strip, exposing the spoke holes on the rim of the ebike wheel. These holes will allow us to put a new spoke and spoke nipple onto the wheel of the ebike. Once the new spoke or spokes are installed onto the wheel, we adjust the tension of the surrounding spokes to retrue the wheel. After the wheel is true again and spinning straight, we reinstall the bike tire and tube, and re-inflate to the proper psi for your tires.

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