Electric Bike Industry Update

The ebike industry has been enjoying a steady growth in the past years. Here at Tower Electric Bike repair shop, we work with just about all makes of brands and models of ebikes, giving us front row seats on how the industry is doing and what are the issues it is facing. In this article, we will discuss the state of both the ebike and regular bike industries as well as some things that you should look for in 2021 if you are shopping for any bike.

Parts Availability

While the ebike industry is doing good, we can’t say the same when it comes to after market and repair parts availability. In our shop, since we deal with all brands and models, the most frequent hindrance we encounter in repairing ebikes is the availability of the replacement parts, especially if they are proprietary. Since there were many new ebike companies that popped out of nowhere, they also have just disappeared as fast. Others, we just can’t get a hold of since there are not around anymore, while others just don’t have even their own parts available.

We strongly advise would-be buyers of ebikes to really look into the brand they are buying from. There are a lot of good ebikes out there with a range of good functions, however, the good brands should have a great after sales support team and parts availability. For example, we have the Priority Current ebike and the Propella ebike. These two bikes are very interesting because they have a lot of proprietary parts like the battery and mid-drive. If there are maintenance and replacement issues, you can’t easily source a replacement if they went for a more generic and readily available battery like a Bafang motor or Bosch. Fortunately, what we've found is that Priority has very good customer service and their parts are commonly available.

Status of Big Brands

Now, you may be thinking that going with big brands will be the best bet as they will always be there to help you out. This however is unfortunately not so true. The parts availability dilemma is not exclusive to small independent brands. Some of the biggest and most well-known ebike brands in the market don't have sufficient stocks of their parts and dont have the best customer support. As of writing, big companies that we had trouble with in these aspects are Juiced and Rad Bikes. They are two of the most popular ebike brands on the market and thus consequently we deal with their ebike models in our shop very frequently. Juiced is notoriously out of stock on almost all their components. In our tower electric bike repair, we have about four Juiced bikes that are waiting for replacement proprietary controllers to get it back running. (We did get a mass email from Juiced explaining the situation and that they are sorting this issue out as best as they can). As for Rad Bikes, their customer service is a hit or miss. In our experience, while they do have more readily available parts than other brands, they still don’t have everything, and their customer service is not the most reliable or knowledgeable to work with.

Do Your Own Research

We understand that there is a global chip shortage and logistics crisis, so it is not surprising that the ebike industry is also affected by it. However, the main take away from this is that going for an ebike with more proprietary components will be tougher to own. If you are in the market for one, you should do your own research and not just look at a company’s videos and pictures. Research in forums or ask people you know who own ebikes about their experiences. You can also check our tower ebikes youtube and articles where we review different ebikes.