Director of eBike Operations

Ray Belden Electric Bike Expert

Ray Belden

Ray Belden joined Tower in 2020 to lead Tower’s burgeoning electric bike division. Ray is a master level bike mechanic with considerable electrical schooling and practical expertise specific to eBike technology. With over a decade of directly related experience in electric bicycle manufacturing, design, and repair, and over 30 years of technical expertise in the bicycle industry, Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Tower Electric Bike executive team.

Ray has had a lifelong obsession with bikes, especially powered bikes. Starting in the mid-80s Ray worked his way up thru the bike mechanic ranks in various bike shops throughout Palo Alto, California, while he simultaneously studied electronics. He ultimately worked his way up to lead mechanic at the iconic Stanford campus bike shop. Later, Ray would pursue his own ventures in early gas powered bicycles in his own shop in Santa Cruz, where he also serviced scooters, motorcycles and early electric kit bikes. Ray was an expert in eBikes before most people knew what they were.

As a water sports and beach lifestyle enthusiast, Ray would later move to Hawaii and do a full time stint in motorcycle mechanics with Harley Davidson, while living in the islands. Upon his return to the mainland, Ray dove full-on into electric bikes with his own shop until he joined forces with Tower Electric Bikes in 2020.

Today, Ray manages and develops Tower’s 12,000 square foot eBike Repair Shop in San Diego and serves as technical lead on Tower Electric Bike’s rapidly evolving direct to consumer brand.