Priority Current Hydraulic Brake Adjustment

We are going to detail to you here how to adjust the hydraulic brakes on the Priority Current ebike. This brake system is relatively maintenance-free compared to the old mechanical brake system. However, you would still need to ensure that the brakes and its components are aligned properly for it to work well.

The first thing you need to do is to adjust and align the front disk caliper. This is located at the bottom left side of the fork. You would need a 5mm allen key and just loosen the two bolts holding it in place. Once they are loose, it can be moved from side to side to adjust and align to make sure that it’s not rubbing anywhere on the rotor.

To check that they are properly aligned, spin the front wheel, and trigger the front brakes. The hydraulic calipers have two pistons on either side, so ideally if you trigger the brake, those pistons should slide out at the same rate and make contact at the same time. Once you are confident that they are aligned properly, retighten the two bolts which hold them in place.

You would also need to try out the rotor trigger and give the wheel a spin to see how much it is rubbing. If it is rubbing more consistently all the way around, you would need to adjust the caliper. To do this, you must loosen just the top part of the caliper and make alignment adjustments until it sounds nice and silent and only rubbing at a few spots. Repeat this process as well for the bottom.

For the next thing you would need a rotor chewer tool by Park Tool (no link on this product). You will have to slot it over to the rotor and then bend it into place. You would need to slowly rotate it in any of the spots where you hear rubbing. When you hear some rubbing, look down and check where the caliper might be touching. Make these adjustments until it will be silent.

After doing the front brakes, you can proceed to do the rear ones as well. The method of adjustments is the same for the front and the rear brake calipers.

As a last note, you should always do regular inspections and tune-ups for your eBikes. It is advised to take it to reputable bike mechanics after the initial break-in period of 100 to 200 miles to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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