Priority Current Unboxing

We are going to be unboxing the Current, from the ebike company Priority based out of New York City that mainly makes city hybrid style bikes. The Current is one of their premier models which comes in at right around 3,000 to 4,000 USD, depending on which build you have. A unique feature of this bike is that it has an internally hub driven belt drive with the mid drive motor. In this article, we will go over what you would receive in your doorstep should you order this bike. We will then proceed to assemble, tune up, give maintenance tips, and review the Priority Current.


It is very noticeable that the box of the Priority Current is well sealed. This is of course a good thing because we don't have to worry about this box popping open in transit. The box construction is very sturdy as well, and they have taped and glued it securely. Upon opening, it is evident that the packaging did a proper job in protecting the contents.


There is quite a lot of stuff inside. Instead of the usual method of using styrofoams, they strategically use cardboard box braces which works well considering they use a double box. The bike itself already comes mostly assembled. Another box inside contains other parts, accessories, and perhaps the manuals, and it is positioned at the bottom next to the rear wheel. Normally, we inspect and open that up first, but since it is tucked at the bottom, we would have to get the bike and all the other accessories layered around out before we can get a hold of that.

The whole bike comes out in one piece and it is easy to pull out. We also noticed they used several plastic reinforcement plates as an added protection in areas where the parts may puncture the box. The other components as well were cushioned and protected adequately.

The small box contains the solid metal hybrid style pedals, reflector, mounting hardware and tools you need for the assembly (wrenches, allen keys, etc). It also comes with the instruction manuals and brochures. There is another smaller box which encases the charger. Additionally, it looks like they also included some touch up paints as well.

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