Does the ebike recharge while I’m pedaling?

No, Tower ebikes do not charge as a result of pedaling. Some electric bike batteries can be recharged while you pedal but you will need an extremely long journey to fully charge your battery from empty. Other ebikes have regenerative braking like electric cars which works by extracting kinetic energy from the parts that are used to brake and storing it until needed. Regenerative braking is much less complex on an e-bike than on an electric or hybrid car.

It usually happens when you softly apply pressure to the brake handle and as you place the handle under more pressure, the regular brake kicks in. you will benefit the most from regenerative braking if your journey features a lot of stopping and starting again. Regenerative braking can generally add between 5-20% battery power but the average rider will get around 10% further per charge.

Electric bikes with regenerative brakes will often experience less wear and tear on their brakes than normal e-bikes. Because most of the braking is done by the electric motor, your brake pads won’t be exposed to the friction and heat that gets placed on traditional brakes. Regenerative braking systems also do not squeak and feel smooth when engaged.

The only types of motors that can have this type of braking are gearless hub motors and mid drives but the implementation for the latter can be difficult to implement.