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No. The electric bike market, world wide, has been growing year on year and with more brands entering the market, driving ebike prices down and making them more accessible, we believe that electric bikes are definitely here to stay. Aside from more products being made easily available, cities and governments are encouraging people to opt for a bike as opposed to cars for commuting and every day travel and are making it safer and easier by building out infrastructure for bicycle and electric bicycle use.

Growing urbanization: The urbanization rates in the USA have been growing for the last 100 years. We are at a point where over 80% of the population live in urban areas, which has resulted in increases in traffic and congestion on the streets. In an era of cash rich and time poor consumers, we see the loss of time due to traffic as a huge motivator for people to ditch their cars and take bikes to work. Studies have shown that in large urban areas with consistent heavy traffic, travelling on bicycles and electric bicycles actually proved to be faster than cars and buses.

Bike infrastructure: With the growth in urbanization and movement towards greener living, cities across the US have been improving their bike infrastructure making it more accessible, and less dangerous for people to use bikes as their main method of transport. We believe that the improvement in bike infrastructure is just another factor that will facilitate people in ditching their vehicles and opt for an electric bike.

Improved technology: The improvement in battery technology and higher performing product offerings have made e-bikes a much more viable option for people now as opposed to a couple of years ago. The emergence and wide usage of lithium-ion batteries have enabled electric bike to be ridden both farther on a single charge making it feasible to do a journey of a reasonable distance. Not only do these new batteries work better in terms of higher performance from a single charge, they also have a longer life span, they deal better with temperature fluctuation and weigh less than older technologies. Only a few years ago, electric bikes that are of similar quality to the average ebike now were priced way out of the majority of consumers’ price range whereas now they are far more affordable and generally of better build quality.

More accessible: The improvement in battery and motor technology has made electric bikes much more accessible for every day consumers. In the early days of the electric bike market, most of the products that were a viable option in terms of performance were priced at the high end of the market and inaccessible to most people. A good quality electric bike that will work for everyday use can be bought for around $1500 whereas before you might have paid double that for the same level of performance. In the early days of ebikes, they were seen as a specialist item that few bicycle shops carried, the recent growth of the ebike market and projected growth has propelled electric bikes towards the mainstream with more and more traditional bicycle retailers now carrying them.

Environmental & fitness focus: There’s a reason why we see more people cycling to work rather than driving. Fitness and environmental awareness are two huge interest with modern day consumers. Riding an ebike for their commute will satisfy consumers on both of these fronts, through the benefits of reduced carbon emissions by ditching their cars and getting active before and after their workday.

The facts are there: In large, built up cities like San Francisco and New York where traffic is rife, electric bike commuting is actually proven to be faster than cycling, public transport and cars. Let’s face it, these days when time is so precious, wouldn’t want a few extra minutes in the morning and evening. Electric bikes allow commuters to choose their own route which they can work out on-the-go as they aren’t restricted to lanes and can even ride on the sidewalk if needed.

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