Long Range Electric Bike Effect on Mobility

Long Range Electric Bikes

The Tower Beach Bum touts a 30-60 mile range on a full charge. You may be wondering why this range is so big. The 30 mile difference in range all depends on the way you use the electric cruiser bike. If you plan on solely using the throttle at maximum speed than it will go closer to 30 miles. If you plan on using a low level of pedal assist and pedal at a slow speed you will be able to last up to the 60 mile long range. As most electric bike trips are shorter than 30 miles, this long-range electric bike will provide you with plenty of range for almost any trip. 

Long Range Electric Bikes effect on Urban Mobility

In recent years, the introduction of new ways of transport in urban cities has changed the way people live and move. From scooters and bikes to ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, urban mobility has been revolutionized. Long-range electric bikes are another mode of transportation that is at the forefront of creating sustainable cities. A long range electric bike allows you to bypass traffic to quickly get to your destination. Bypassing traffic is just one of the many advantages of a long range electric bike. Owning an electric bike will also save you countless dollars on transportation. Whether you drive a car, use a rideshare app, or take the bus everyday, owning a long range electric bike will significantly reduce the cost of transportation. Not only are they cheaper and more efficient but also environmentally friendly as they have no carbon emissions.

Long Range Electric Bikes Effect on Personal Mobility

One interesting demographic that is a growing user of electric bikes is people aged 45 and up. Older people have been attracted to electric bikes because of the ease of use it provides them. Whether you are a parent who can no longer keep up with your teenage children on a normal bike or an elderly person who wants help getting regular exercise, a long range electric bike is perfect for you. By providing an assisted form of exercise, electric bikes can transform the sedentary life of senior citizens allowing them to get exercise without over exerting their bodies. E-Bikes are an incredible way for seniors to get outside, move their body, and travel where they need to go. There is even evidence that electric bikes can transform how we age.

There may come a time in your life when you have to strip back the activities that you do (or can do) because of mobility issues. Millions of people every year have to give up the activities they love due to age or injury. With the emergence of electric bikes into the mainstream over the last few years, people with reduced mobility now have an avenue they can go down to help them stay active and healthy. It has even been proven that electric bikes improve older people's mental performance and their well-being

Long-range electric bikes offer a level freedom that a traditional bike once provided them and more. A lot of people in their golden years want to stay active but don't want to wear themselves out on short rides running errands, and, often times health issues will force people to cut back on exercise in order to not overexert themselves. Electric bikes are a great solution to this.

Pedal assisted cycling has become an incredible tool for injury rehabilitation too. As cycling is a low impact form of exercise it is commonly recommended for people who are returning from injury. Those with severe injuries can ride in a heavily assisted mode just to get their body moving to kick start their rehab then work down and increase resistance as they recover.

The beauty of electric bikes is that they allow us to go and explore more than we would on a traditional bicycle whether we are old, injured... or just curious! They open up a whole host of possibilities to explore and the best part, you wont be sweaty or exhausted because you can ride at the pace you want.

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