Is the bike heavy to wheel around when I'm not riding?

Our electric bike is one of the lightest ebikes on the market weighing in at only 49lbs when the battery is installed. Because there is a motor integrated in the rear wheel there will be a small amount of resistance above what there would be on a normal bicycle when you try to push it. While it is possible to apply a small amount of power by lightly applying the twist throttle while you walk, this can be dangerous as it is very easy for your hand to slip and accidentally twist the throttle too much and lose control. To solve this potential hazard, there is a "push" mode programmed into our LCD Display unit. When activated, the motor will push the bike along at a slow pace and you won't have to do any pushing yourself!

Instructions to activate push mode:

  • Turn on LCD Display by holding down the "M" button for 2 seconds.
  • Hold down the "-" button , after 2 seconds a "P" will appear on the screen and the motor will activate.
  • Push mode will stay on as long as the "-" button is held down and turn off once released.