Lectric XP Maintenance

In this article we will discuss maintenance issues you might encounter on the Lectric folding ebike. This is based on our wealth of experience at the Tower Electric Bike Repair Shop where we’ve worked with a lot of bikes from various brands. We will discuss about the common issues we foresee that a user might encounter down the line on an ebike like the Lectric folding bike.

Lectric Brake Pads

One of the things you will need to be aware of on this bike are the brake pads. The bike uses Tektro mechanical disc brakes, which are fantastic brakes and give good stopping power. Mechanical brakes do need more frequent maintenance compared to hydraulic brakes, which are basically maintenance-free. However, like many ebikes, the Lectric is on the heavier side and will travel in higher speeds compared to normal bikes, which ultimately results in running through the brake pads faster.

Additionally, when it comes to mechanical brakes, the pistons are only being pushed in from one side, thus it is important to constantly check and adjust them to ensure proper alignment and appropriate lever pull on them. In our experience, we do inner pad adjustments on our bikes once a month.

To do the adjustments, we will have to hit the barrel adjuster to add more tension to the brake cable. Also, on the inside of the brake caliper, the silver inner pad will also need to be adjusted to bring it closer to the rotor and decrease the amount of space it needs to travel in order to make contact when you trigger the brakes.

Lectric Tires

Another component we commonly see issues in this type of bike are the rear wheels. A lot of these folding bikes tend to get flat tires on the rear more frequently. This is mainly due to their heavier weight and the weight distribution more centered in the rear with the hub motor. Additionally, the fat tires that are used in this bike have a recommend pressure of around 30psi, which is on the lower side and tend to get more punctures. It is not good to know also that the tubes on these fat tires tend to be more expensive ($18-25) than the average bicycle tube ($7-10).


The chain is not the most common issue one might encounter in this bike, but we do encounter it from time to time. On this bike, the chain they use is not rust proof. If you live somewhere near the ocean, where there is a lot of salinity in the air, you will notice that the chain will get rusty after some time. In this regard, we recommend switching to a rust proof chain (https://www.towerelectricbikes.com/rust-buster) to avoid this kind of issue and cause inconvenience in your rides.

Drivetrain and Other Components

To ensure that your bike is running smoothly and optimally, you must always do maintenance cleaning and lubrication on it. Aside from the parts previously mentioned, you must also keep your drivetrain clean and lubricated. You should do this at least about once every other week or more, depending on how much you ride. Additionally, you should always make sure that all the parts and bolts are securely tight.

The Lectric folding bike comes with a lot of great information inside of their manual. If you own one, be sure to check it for the best practices and maintenance tips.

If you want to know more about the Lectric ebike, check out our other articles covering the unboxing, assembly, brake adjustment, and the full Lectric XP review.

As a last note, you should always do regular inspections and tune-ups for your eBikes. It is advised to take it to reputable bike mechanics after the initial break-in period of 100 to 200 miles to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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