Lectric Brake Adjustments

The Lectric ebike is a a folding bike which uses mechanical disk brakes. This brake system does require more frequent adjustments and maintenance compared to the more modern hydraulic brakes. However, they are very good brakes to have. The Lectric XP uses Tektro mechanical brakes, which is a reputable brand in the brake industry. In this article, we will detail what you will need to do to have the brakes on the Lectric bike function optimally.

Brake Adjustments

Right out of the box, we noticed that there is a little bit of rub on the Lectric XP brakes. This means that it needs some realignment. To do this, we will need to bend out the rotor. If the brake cable is all the way around, this would have to be adjusted laterally. We will need to loosen the lower bolts to adjust this. Additionally, we will also need to adjust the cable tension on the top barrel adjuster so that the brakes will be more responsive.

Then, on the top of the barrel adjuster, the inner pads will also need to be properly aligned. The inner pad can be adjusted by a screw on the little silver disc. The screw will adjust the pad closer or further away from the disc rotor.

Replacing Brake Cable

As previously mentioned, this brake system needs regular maintenance and adjustments. We will also be needing to replace the cables down the line. To do this, we will need to loosen the bolt on the bike caliper, and then go to the handlebar brake lever and pull the brake back. Once this is done, the old cable can be pulled out and then we can proceed to install a new one. We will have to string it through, tighten it down, and adjust it for the appropriate tension. 

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