Lectric XP Assembly

Preparation and First Impressions

After taking it out of the box, we will have to remove the packaging materials like the foams and zip ties from the components. We will need a pair of clippers to clip the zip ties holding the parts and components. After removing the foams and zip ties, it is evident that the bike looks awesome. The variant we got has a nice white color with some cool accents on it.

Many parts already come pre installed such as the battery, controller, headlights, fenders, pedals, rear wheel, and kickstand. This bike also comes with a rear rack with an integrated taillight. Additionally, this bike has lots of customization options when you purchase it; you can add extra things, bags, racks, and other parts. Out of the box, this bike is almost ready to go and requires very minimal assembly. This electric folding bike is definitely an interesting way to go and definitely an option to explore.

Bike Seat

The Lectric bike comes with a basic seat. It’s not fancy, but it is not terrible either. It is a good and solid seat, but it can be improved. After removing the plastic coverings, we will have to reinsert the seat post to the frame. We must make sure that it is inserted past the recommended minimum insertion point and secure it by tightening the seat clamp.


Before we can install the handlebars, we will first have to swing the front stem to the upright position and then engage the stem latch to secure it in place to the frame. After which, we can insert the handlebar stem and make sure that it is inserted past the minimum insertion line. The dash lines that indicate this are put for safety reasons so that the component will not slip out when you are out on a ride. Once we find our desired height for the handlebars, we can tighten them down by latching the clamp on the stem.

LCD Screen

The screen already comes preinstalled. However, in out case, we had to do some repositioning as it was spun around quite a bit and we had to tilt it back to the optimal position. For how to operate and turn on the Lectric bike, check out our Lectric XP walkthrough.

Folding Pedals and Frame

The pedals also come pre installed but to use the bike, we will have to flip them into place. To unfold them, we will need to push the top of the pedal towards the bike and it will open out.

As for the frame, since it comes folded out of the box, we will have to also put it into the unfolded position. We will then have to secure it using the frame latch and we should be able to hear a click when the latch is properly closed.

As we mentioned previously, this bike doesn’t need much assembly when you receive the package. We will have to do some tune ups and we should be then ready to take this bike for a test ride. If you want to know more about the Lectric ebike, check out our other articles covering the unboxing, maintenance, walkthrough, and full Lectric XP review.

As a last note, you should always do regular inspections and tune-ups for your eBikes. It is advised to take it to reputable bike mechanics after the initial break-in period of 100 to 200 miles to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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