Hydraulic Hose Repair or Replacement

Service Price: $65

Hydraulic disc brakes rely on having a closed, airtight system that the fluid can flow through and apply pressure. If the hose that the fluid travels to gets damaged, that airtight system can become compromised and your ebike may not stop as it should. What happens when your hydraulic hose gets damaged is that when you pull your brake lever, instead of pushing the fluid to the caliper to close the brake pads, part of the fluid begins to get pushed out at the spot of damage, making you lose hydraulic fluid. On top of that, because there is now less pressure and less fluid pushing to the brake caliper, you have reduced braking power. If this is occurring on your ebike, you need to get that hydraulic hose replaced. Luckily our ebike hydraulic hose replacement service is exactly what you need. Please note, we will only replace your hydraulic hose if you provide a factory segment of hose with the fittings already attached to the pre-cut hydraulic hose.

When we replace your ebike hydraulic hose, We first remove both your wheel, as well as your hydraulic brake pads from the brake calipers. While not required to access the hydraulic hose, this job does deal with hydraulic fluid and a bit will spill out. If that hydraulic fluid was to get on the rotor or brake pads, they could become contaminated and not perform well. This is why we remove both the wheel and the brake pads and set them far to the side, away from the work being done. Once both of those have been removed, we can then remove the old hydraulic hose. To do this, we take a small wrench and undo the hose connecter on both the hydraulic brake lever and caliper. With those unscrewed, we are then able to remove the old hose. Once the connector has been unscrewed, we tug and disconnect the hose from the brake lever and brake caliper. The hydraulic brake lever is now disconnected from the hydraulic brake caliper and we can install the new hydraulic hose.

For the new hydraulic hose, as stated above, we will only work with factory pre-cut hoses with the fittings already attached (Olive, Brab, and Connector). To install the hose with all the fittings already attached we would first push one end of the hose into the hydraulic brake lever, and the other end into the hydraulic brake caliper. The hose will have a small click as it slots into place. With the hose now in place, we tighten down the connector and screw it into the brake lever and brake caliper. With the hose now installed, we give your ebike hydraulic brakes a bleed/top off, as the system will be low on fluid from all that was lost removing the old hose. Once the brake bleed is complete, your ebike is now ready to roll with an all new hydraulic hose line installed!

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