Hub Motor Kit - Rear Wheel and Motor (V1)

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Hub Motor Kit - Rear Wheel and Motor (V1)

1 review(s)

26" Rear wheel for Tower Electric Bikes.

Wheel comes fully assembled with an aluminium rim, 36 reinforced spokes, gears and a brushless 500W motor for a quick and seamless replacement.

Tower Electric Bike motors have a top speed of 18mph which means that you'll power up hills, cruise past traditional bikes with ease and won't have to worry about running out of juice for 25-45 miles.


Brushless Motors

This style of motor is the most common among electric bikes today and was chosen by us because they are compact, maintenance free and unobtrusive. Brushless geared motors have a number of performance advantages over other motor types:

  • A motor that is integrated in the hub of a wheel, especially the rear, will result in greater torque and power transfer directly to the wheel and then to the ground, making climbing hills a breeze.
  • Their placement and unobtrusive design allow them to almost be out of sight within the rear hub.
  • Geared hub motors will generally be lighter than other forms of motor such as direct drive hubs. Generally, a geared hub motor will weigh in at considerably less (~50%) than a direct drive motor of the same performance.
  • Unlike direct drive motors, with a brushless geared motor you can pedal the bike while the motor is powered off and it will perform just like a regular bicycle hub.


Dimensions: 26" x 2.35"

Weight: 15 lbs

Spoke count: 36

Rim Material: Aluminium

1 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Highest Torque ebike motor in a top quality built wheel

Review by: from San Diego on 1/12/2021
this is one of the highest torque wheels I have ever ridden Goes up hills like a beast! great built quality on the wheel as well. double wall rim, heavy gauge spoke.