How to tune up an E-Bike from Tower?

After buying your first electric bike from Tower you may be wondering if it needs a proper tune up before riding. First, we recommend that you have your e-bike put together by a professional bike mechanic. This will ensure that the e-bike was put together properly and all the parts are screwed on tight so you’re ready to ride. Most bike mechanics will put your new bought e-bike together for about $60-$80. It is a well worth investment to have the electric bike properly assembled by a professional. In the long run you will most likely save yourself time and money by having the eBike put together properly. Not only will it last longer but it will also ride smoother.

While a tune up is not strictly needed, we recommend taking your ebike for a service after about 30 days. This is to ensure that everything is sufficiently tightened and lubricated after the bike's break-in period. We strongly suggest having your ebike serviced periodically throughout the bike's lifecycle to both, ensure the ebike is safe to ride, and to extend the life span of the bike itself by keeping all of the critical components well maintained.

Battery Tune Up

There is not a whole lot you need to do to tune up your battery. If the battery is not working or stalling you most likely need a new battery or need to take the battery in to a trusted professional who can identify exactly what is wrong with the battery. One way to maintain good care of your e-bike battery is to charge it after every time you use it. By doing this you will keep as many cells as possible in the battery. Most E-bike batteries only have 1,000 full charges in there lifespan. If you wait to charge your battery until it is completely out, you will use one of those full charges. By charging the eBike battery after every use, you are simply regaining the lost battery life from your last ride and therefore not using a full charge. For example, if you use 20 cells in one ride then recharge it to gain back those 20 cells, you now have a full charge and you did not use up one of the full charges in the electric bike battery lifespan.

Tire Tune Up

Your tire pressure is a very important aspect of your electric bike tune up process. Often times when the e-bike is not performing up to its normal standards people will think there is a problem with their battery or motor. Although this can be true, the tire pressure being low on your e-bike is a common problem that can lead to slow acceleration. We recommend that you keep your tires between 40 and 60 PSI. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. We also recommend that you check the PSI of your eBike tires at least once a month. If you ride the eBike often then you should be checking weekly. This Park Tool Tire Inflator with a built in pressure gauge is a great tool to use to measure tire pressure. Overall, having your tires inflated to the proper PSI is one of the most important steps in the ebike tune up process.

Other Tune Ups

Your Tower Beach Bum ebike will come with sufficient lubrication on the chains. Keeping your chains properly lubricated is an important step in the ebike tune up process. Dry chains can lead to problems with the gears shifting properly among other things. If you deem that your chains are in need of new lubricant, we recommend using WD-40 Chain Lubricant. Make sure that you don’t use a chain penetrant when trying to lube your chain. You can use a chain penetrant to clean the e-bike but it will actually dry out the chain if you use it to lube the e-bike. Another tune up that may need to be done after you have put the e-bike together is to adjust the brake pad on the front wheel. If the brake pad is rubbing on the wheel while you are not holding down on the brakes then they need to be adjusted. Using a Park Tool hex key, loosen the silver part of the front brake pad so that it is no longer being rubbed against the wheel.

After applying these tune up steps, your Tower Beach Bum E-Bike should be ready to ride!