How to measure bike size and stand over height?

The stand over height of the Tower Beach Bum electric bike frame is a little under 33". Measuring your e-bike size is an important process in picking the right eBike for you. An electric cruiser bike that fits well for your size will be comfortable and pleasurable riding while an e-bike that does not fit well for your size can be difficult to ride and may lead to aches, pains and discomfort while riding.

What does “stand over height” mean?

The stand over height is the length from the top tube of the frame of the ebike to the ground measured from just in front of the seat. The stand over height will vary depending on the type of e-bike you are sizing. For example, since a road bike has the traditional straight top tube the standover height is the same no matter where you measure on the bike. However, with a mountain bike since the top tube of the frame is slanted the stand over height will vary depending on where you measure. If your e-bike is a beach cruiser like the Tower Beach Bum or a step-over bike, you won’t have to worry as much about the stand over height as there is usually plenty of room since the top tube of the frame is heavily curved.

Bike Standover Height

How to find your stand over height?

To find your stand over height you will need a large book and a tape measure. Place the book in between you legs with the binding of the book just below your crotch. Measure from the top of the book to the ground. Be sure that you are wearing shoes that you will be riding in the most so that you get an accurate sizing. If you already have the ebike, simply stand directly in front of the seat with the ebike in between your legs and measure from the top tube to the ground. 

Standover Height Resources you might find helpful:

For those shopping online:

Follow the steps above to determine your personal stand over height. If you can test the bike in store you will be able to get a more accurate fitting for yourself. However, if you are within a few inches of the bike stand over height than you should fit on the e-bike just fine. Note that on beach cruisers and step over e-bikes your stand over shouldn’t matter as the top tube curves downward.

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