Handlebar Tape Installation

Service Price: $30

Road style electric bicycles often have what are called “drop bars”, which are handlebars that curl down on either side. This handlebar design allows for the rider to change between a few different positions, each one a bit more aggressive and aerodynamic. Instead of grips like a normal handlebar, drop bars are wrapped in a handlebar tape. This handlebar tape comes in many different looks, styles, and materials. Some offer a cushioned grip, while others offer more of a classic feel. They can be made of cork, gel, basic tape, and even velvet. When wrapping an ebikes handlebars, it is super important to make sure the handlebars are wrapped the proper way. As you ride, your hands naturally rotate in certain directions depending on where you are holding the handlebars. If it is wrapped the incorrect way, the handlebar can come unwrapped as you are riding. Handlebar tape also does not last forever and needs to be changed every now and then. So if you have old handlebar wraps that need replacing, or want to switch for a different feel, our ebike handlebar wrap service is perfect for you!

During this service, we first unwrap the old bars and dispose of them. With the old handlebar wraps removed, we can now begin wrapping the new handlebar tape onto the ebike. When we wrap an ebikes handlebars, we start at the bottom of the drop where the handlebars end. We leave a bit of extra wrap stick over the end of the handlebar. This excess handlebar tape gets put into the handlebar opening and held in place with a bar end plug. Once we have started wrapping, we wrap pulling the tape around towards the interior of the ebike. We continue wrapping in this direction, overlapping them slightly with every rotation. Once we get to where the brake/shifter is, we then do a rotation of the bar tape, so that when we get around the junction and to the top of the handlebars, we are wrapping the either direction now. We continue to wrap this direction until we run out of tape. Once we run out of tape, we take the holding tape and tape the end of the bar tape down so it looks clean and flush. After this process gets applied to both sides, your ebike is now ready to roll with a brand new wrap!

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