Handlebar Adjustment

Service Price: $15

The position your handlebar rests on, as well as the orientation of all the shifters, brakes, grips, all play an important part in your comfort as you ride your electric bike. All of these parts affect your hands' natural resting position. If it is rotated too far down, it can put unnecessary pressure on your hands, making them fatigue quickly. If they are rotated too far forward, it can just be uncomfortable having to wrap your hands around the bars just to reach the brake levers or shifters. The hand position has to be just right for maximized comfort. This position may also be different for different people. In addition to this, there are many types of handlebars with different shapes and styles. Some of these can have rises or dips that can be oriented in different ways. No matter what type of adjustment is needed, our ebike handlebar adjustment will take care of you!

For our handlebar adjustment service, we work with you on your ebike to get it adjusted. While you are sitting on your bike, we loosen the stem of your ebike handlebars. Once the handlebars are loose, we rotate the handlebars around until they are in a comfortable position for you. Once we have found that position, we tighten down the bars, holding them in place. After the handlebar have been adjusted, we then go around and adjust the positions of your shifters, brake levers, and grips. Once those have all been moved into the comfortable position for you, we w tighten them down to hold them in place. The final and most important step is to torque all the controls on your handlebars, as well as the handlebars themselves. Once those have all been properly torqued down, your ebike should be much more comfortable to ride!

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