Freewheel Hub Removal, Install, or Swap Out (Regular Wheel)

Service Price $35

Freewheels are very similar to cassettes, in that they have many geared rings attached to the rear ebike wheel that help it rotate around. However, that is about where the similarities between a cassette and a freewheel end. Where cassettes are collections of loose, individual geared cogs, with freewheels, the cogs are all attached together in one unit. The freewheel also does not attach to a freehub body like a cassette does, Instead, on a freewheel the ratcheting system and the bearings are built into the freewheel itself. The freewheel is more of an all contained unit, with the geared cogs and the rotating mechanism built in. The freewheel then threads onto the rear ebike wheel, and screws on tight. However, a special tool is required to mount and remove the freewheel from the ebike wheel. 

During our freewheel ebike service, we remove the rear wheel off of the ebike, to be able to access the freewheel itself. Once the ebike rear wheel has been removed, we would then use our freewheel removal tool to unthread the old freewheel from the ebike wheel. If we need to install a new freewheel, we would then lightly thread the freewheel by hand, then tighten it down to the factory specified torque. After the freewheel has been tightened to the rear wheel, we then remount the rear wheel to the ebike, making it ready to ride!

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