How fast can ebikes go?

Different states have different regulations when it comes to ebikes, as some states still class them as motor vehicles. We advise that you check with your local state laws and see what size of motor and maximum speed are allowable without a license. Most manufacturers will offer a variety of styles and motor power options.

Tower electric bike motors are governed at 18 mph in order to comply with the majority of speed regulations across the United States. Our electric bikes top speed can be set anywhere between 12 to 25 mph. Check out our tips to make your electric bike faster to unlock your bikes full potential.

For states that have specific ebike regulations, generally the maximum speed an electric bike can legally go is 20 mph. It is worth noting that this law is applicable when propelled by motor power alone, you can go faster than this by manually pedaling. In these states E-bikes are considered a “bicycle” and do not meet the definition of a motor vehicle.

Depending on the state and local regulations, an electric bike that can exceed the 20 mph speed may require a licensed rider and may be subject to tax and insurance also. Speed restrictions are in place to allow manufacturers to sell electric bikes that will not be subject to stringent motor vehicle regulations such as having brake lights and turning signals fitted.