What height should my e-bike saddle be at?

Think of your electric bike as a traditional bike in terms of setting the seat height. The best way to know what height to set your saddle to is by sitting on the bike, placing your heel on the pedal and pedalling backwards so the pedal is at the very bottom position of its revolution. When you are in this position your leg should be completely straight, if not just adjust it in small increments until it is. When you are cycling your bike your heel should never lose contact with the pedal, if it does then you need to lower your saddle.

The drawbacks of having a saddle incorrectly positioned are felt in terms of pedal efficiency. Although getting the most power from each pedal movement is not a primary consideration for people who ride e-bikes, if your battery runs out and you need to manually pedal your electric bike home, you will want to make sure that your saddle is properly positioned. Positioning your saddle correctly will also be much more comfortable and provide you with more control.

If your saddle is too high up, you will engage your calves more and will not benefit from driving the motion using your heel. If your saddle is too low your power output will be greatly reduced and you may also experience knee pain. The most powerful part of your pedal motion occurs when the pedals move from 12 to 3 o’clock and starting this movement from a “negative” position won’t be as powerful as if you start from a neutral position.