How much does it cost to run an electric bike?

The only running costs that are involved in running an electric bike are charging and service. Charging an e-bike can be done in a matter of hours and will only cost a matter of cents and although we suggest recharging after every ride (or draining the battery by 50% or more), an electric bike will still be significantly less expensive than fuelling a car or motorcycle.

Electric bikes are not classed as motor vehicles and therefore you required to pay for tax, registration or insurance, making them a much more economical mode of transport than a car or motorcycle.

We recommend that you bring your electric bicycle to a professional bike mechanic once a year for a tune up to ensure that it is fully safe to ride. Due to the extra weight of eBikes and the speed and momentum that they travel at. Due to the higher speed that electric bikes travel at and the additional weight they carry compared to a traditional bike, the brake pads can become worn down faster than on a traditional bike and should be checked up on regularly and serviced when necessary. Regular maintenance will also reduce your ownership costs in the long-run as you can reduce the chance of needing to pay to replace parts.