Can I pedal the ebike without using the battery and motor?

Yes, our e-bikes can be ridden as traditional bikes too, this is in case your battery runs out and you need to physically pedal your bike to complete your journey! If you know that you are going on a long journey on your ebike, be sure to fully charge the battery prior to setting off and if possible, bring your charger with you in case you run out. Due to the additional components that you do not find on a traditional bike, ebikes are considerably heavier and while they may be ok to pedal on flat ground, climbing hills will be a different story altogether.

If you don't feel like using the motor on a certain day, you can easily remove the battery and ride the bike normally. Even with a motor integrated in the rear wheel, our ultra-light frame weighs less than a standard beach cruiser, plus you'll have a 7-speed Shimano shifter to play with.