Cleaning my electric bike

Tower ebikes are built to be robust and will last for years even without maintenance however, looking after your electric bike well will lead to a longer service life and a better overall ebike experience. Regular maintenance will also ensure that your bike is in good condition whenever you choose to ride it.

How often should I clean my bike: We recommend that you clean your bike after each ride or as often as time allows, do not wait for coarse dirt to become ingrained before washing. We have found that it is better to clean your e-bike straight after using it because the dirt will still be reasonably fresh, easy to clean and will not have had time to become ingrained and stubborn to remove. Leaving your e-bike for a lengthy periods between cleans also opens up the possibility of corrosion which can be quite damaging and dangerous if the corrosion occurs on load bearing parts.

How should I clean my ebike: eBikes should only be cleaned using a damp cloth. Power washing or hosing down the bike may damage the electric components in the bike. We suggest using specific bike cleaning chemicals or normal detergent provided it is not too aggressive. Bike cleaning chemicals are designed to not strip any factory grease or anti-weather coating that may be applied to the frame during production where as you can never guarantee that with household detergents.

What should I do to prepare my ebike before cleaning: The battery is one of the most expensive components of your e-bike so if possible, remove it before cleaning the bike as this will help to protect it from moisture, and it will also give you easier access to clean its housing. You should also remove any of the display units before cleaning to avoid the possibility of damage.

Be wary of degreasing: Be careful when cleaning any rotating parts that may have factory grease on them. While it may seem like they are greasy and would be nicer if it is removed, parts in and around the motor are lubricated for a reason and stripping this will result in a shorter lifespan and will need to be replaced over time.

Should I clean differently in winter and summer: Yes. Generally speaking, in winter most of your cleaning will involve cleaning and drying mud and water whereas in summer conditions tend to be more dusty. Moist dirt can be easier to clean and can be done simply by wiping the muddy spots down, dry dirt and dust however can be trickier to clean as it can work its way into small areas and cause increased wear if not removed. The best way to remove dust from small areas is with an air compressor, and if you do not have access to a compressor a household duster can work well too.

Drying: Always make sure that you dry your bike after washing, particularly in areas that have important electrical components such as the battery housing or the mounted display. Tower ebikes are designed to be ridden in wet conditions so all of these areas are waterproof however, fully drying these areas will help to prevent corrosion over time.

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