What are the benefits of an electric bike over a bicycle?

Get where you want, faster

On an electric bike you’ll be able to reach your destination faster than you would on a traditional bike. Electric bike riders typically have a higher average speed than traditional bike riders, meaning you can shave minutes off your morning commute.

Less sweaty

A big turn off of riding bikes to work is working up a sweat and being uncomfortable in work later on in the day. 67% of people said that they need a shower after riding a traditional bike to work and if there aren’t facilities available it can be unpleasant sitting in work all day without a shower. On the other hand, E-bikes help you reach your destination with less effort and well, less sweating too. As part of the same study, 74% of people who rode an ebike said that they didn’t need to shower after getting to work. The beauty of electric bikes is that they let the rider determine the level of resistance that they face when riding, or choose no resistance at all and ride the throttle!

Reduce wear and tear on your joints

A big turn off for riding a traditional bike for middle aged and older people is joint pain. Most electric bikes will have 2 settings, pedal assist and throttle. Riding a pedal assisted bike can help people who experience knee and hip joint pain considerably. This will allow them to get back on a bicycle without aggravating their existing injuries. Movement can actually be good for stiff and sore joints provided there is not too much resistance on the joint which may cause discomfort. Typically electric bikes have more of an upright riding position as opposed to road bikes that are designed for aerodynamics. A position that is closer to a normal seated position will be easier on your back and neck versus a “racer” position

Reduced risk of theft

Bicycles can be an easy target for thieves especially in bigger cities, most people buy cheap bike locks that are easy to break and then allow thieves to cycle away easily. Electric bikes on the other hand require a key to start and are considerably heavier to cycle than traditional bikes so you can feel a little safer locking up your ebike.