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    Tower's eBike Repair Shop mechanics review electric bikes on the following 100-point scale:

    86 - 100 = eBike of Highest Distinction
    71 - 85 = Outstanding eBike
    56 - 70 = Very Good eBike
    41 - 55 = Mediocre eBike
    0 - 40 =  eBike Not Recommended

    Electric bikes are holistically assessed and given a single score called the "Tower eBike Score". This single point rating encompasses seven core electric bike attributes and capabilities. Learn more >>

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    Riese and Muller eBike Homage Review

    The Homage electric bike model from European electric bike brand Riese and Muller is a very well considered electric city bike. Very few bikes are rated this high on the Tower eBike Score scale. It gets a 90 and even higher on it's specialty score when we omit our "comfort" and "universal"...

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    Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0

    Specialized is a big name within both the bike and electric bike industry. The company started off as a bicycle and bike parts manufacturer and now makes their own electric bikes as well. The Turbo Vado is Specialized's commuter mid drive bike with exceptional materials and mechanical components....

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    Serial 1 Rush Step Through Review

    Serial 1 is an electric bike company powered by Harley Davidson. They manufacture an array of electric bikes that are assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Rush step through is the company's commuter styled electric bike. With a high torque motor and a torque sensored belt drive chain the...

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    Serial 1 Rush Review

    Serial 1 is widely known as the electric Harley Davidson bike company. Harley Davidson is a proud partner and "powers" Serial 1 bikes. The Rush model ebike is Serial 1's city/commuter styled ebike that comes with an outstanding electrical components. The Serial 1 scored a Tower ebike score of 76...

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    Priority Bicycles Current Review

    Through our detailed tower ebike score system, our professional ebike mechanics here at the Tower eBike Repair Shop aim to alleviate the stress in choosing your next ebike.  With all bikes reviewed on the same guiding principles, our ebike reviews come stacked with extensive video...

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    Juiced CrossCurrent Step-Thru Review

    Juiced Bike CrossCurrent Step-Thru

    Juiced labels it's CrossCurrent model as a "commuter bike". With it's flat end handlebars and downright positioning the CrossCurrent definitely feels and rides like a stereotypical road bike. The CrossCurrent comes with a quality derailleur and multiple gears which enhance the bikes ride. As a...

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    Serial 1 Mosh Review

    Serial 1 is a Harley Davidson backed electric bike company that focuses mainly on belt driven, high quality, commuter/city styled ebikes. The Mosh comes in 4 different sizes, small through extra large. For the sake of this review we used a large which fit our mechanic at 5'11 tall. The Mosh scored...

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    Rad City 3 Step Through Review

    The Rad City 3 step through is Rad Power Bikes 3rd installment of their city electric bike model. The city 3 step through scored a 10 out of 10 on universality making it one of the most universal ebikes on the market. Paired with a high torque and battery capacity, the Rad City 3 scored a 64 on our...

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    Rad City 4 Review

    The Rad City 4 is Rad Power Bikes fourth installment of their city electric bike model. The Rad City bikes have become an increasingly popular model as they focus on universality and high torque and battery output. The Rad City 4 scored a 57 on our Tower ebike score giving it a very good ebike...

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    Aventon Level Step Through Review

    Follow along as we review the Aventon Level Step Thru and score the ebike on our Tower ebike scoring system. The Aventon Level Step Through has a more open central frame than the original Aventon Level making it a more universal fit ebike for all ages and sizes. This electric bike scored a 54 on...

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    Aventon Level Review

    The Aventon Level is Aventon's most popular electric bike model to date. The Level is an affordable commuter ebike mid tier quality components. The Level scored a 53 on our Tower ebike score giving it a mediocre ebike rating. The Level scored well on comfort and hill climbing...

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    Aventon Pace 500 Step Through

    Aventon's Pace 500 step through ebike is Aventon's take on a classic everyday cruiser electric bike. The Pace 500 is Aventon's most popular electric bike model. The Pace 500 comes equipped with relatively low grade mechanical quality parts, but a comfortable easy to ride frame and design....

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    Magnum Metro Review

    The Magnum Metro is Magnum's most popular model electric bike. The Magnum is styled like a step-through beach cruiser and comes equipped with fenders and a rear integrated rack. The Magnum scored a 50 on our Tower ebike score giving it a "mediocre ebike" rating. DISCLAIMER - Magnum and Metro...

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    Rad Wagon 4 Review

    The Rad Wagon 4 is Rad Power Bikes utility electric bike. It is designed to carry passengers, generally children in the back, with its elongated frame. The Rad Wagon 4 is the fourth installment in the Rad Wagon series and scored a 46 on our tower ebike score giving it a mediocre ebike rating....

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    Ecotric Lark Electric City Review

    The Ecotric Lark City is a 500w hub motor electric bike designed specifically for a womens frame. The Lark City comes with a low quality basket and fenders. The Lark City ebike has quite a unique battery frame and design that is unlike many other electric bikes on the market. The battery...

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    Ancheer Electric Bike | Commuting E Cruiser Review

    The Ancheer 26" Electric Commuting E Cruiser is a classic city styled bike with a rear mounted battery on the back rack of the bike. Due to low component and mechanical quality parts, the Commuting E Cruiser is likely to need routine service and maintenance giving this bike a relatively...

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    Rad Mission Review

    The Rad Mission is Rad Power Bikes affordable city cruiser electric bike. The Mission possessses a standard aluminum 6061 skinny bike frame paired with Rad Power Bikes famous battery pack and controller. The Rad Mission scored a 37 on our Tower ebike score giving it a not recommended ebike score....

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    Hyper E-Ride City Review

    The Hyper E-Ride City electric bike is commonly referred to as the electric bike from Walmart, as it sold almost exclusively at Walmart locations. The bikes battery lacks range, as the battery can only run for up to 20 miles or 1 hour. The E-Ride City scored a 26 on our Tower ebike score...

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    Propella V4 Single Speed Review

    The Propella V4.0 is a lightweight city ebike with a sleek, standard city bike look. Without the battery pack it's tough to even identify the bike as an ebike. The Propella V4 weighs only 35 lbs which is quite light for an electric bike. The bike lacks serious torque and battery capacity which...

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