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    Tower's eBike Repair Shop mechanics review electric bikes on the following 100-point scale:

    86 - 100 = eBike of Highest Distinction
    71 - 85 = Outstanding eBike
    56 - 70 = Very Good eBike
    41 - 55 = Mediocre eBike
    0 - 40 =  eBike Not Recommended

    Electric bikes are holistically assessed and given a single score called the "Tower eBike Score". This single point rating encompasses seven core electric bike attributes and capabilities. Learn more >>

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    Tower Beach Babe Review

    The Tower Beach Babe is Tower Electric Bike's step through model electric cruiser bike. The bike's appearance still gives off the classic beach cruiser look and feel with a lower step over height when compared to their Beach Bum electric cruiser bike. The Beach babe scored a 83 on our tower ebike...

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    Tower Beach Bum V2 Review

    The Beach Bum V2 is the second version of the popular Beach Bum electric bike by Tower. Upgrades Tower added to the the Version 2 Beach Bum include: hydraulic brakes, a cassette sprocket, a threadless headset, and a highly rust resistant frame and chain. These upgrades have given the Tower...

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    Leisger CD5 Review

    We review the Leisger CD5 on our guided Tower ebike score. The beach cruiser styled electric bike scored a 64 on our tower ebike score giving it a "very good ebike" rating. The CD5 is a comfortable laid back beach cruiser, and we will discuss the bike and all of its components in the review...

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    Electric Bike Company Model R Review

    The Electric Bike Company is a U.S based electric bike company that aseembles their bikes in the United States. The Model R is their classic customizable beach cruiser ebike where customers can choose from a variety of attributes and component levels to self customize their very own electric bike...

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    Revi eBikes Cheetah Review

    Revi eBikes Cheetah Review

    The Revi Cheetah is a cafe racer styled electric bike. The cheetah comes as either a 48V with a 13Ah Battery or as 48V 17.5Ah battery bike. For this review, we reviewed the 48V 13Ah model. With a tower ebike score of 51, the Revi Cheetah gets a mediocre ebike rating. It gets a specialty...

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    Ecotric Lark Electric City Review

    The Ecotric Lark City is a 500w hub motor electric bike designed specifically for a womens frame. The Lark City comes with a low quality basket and fenders. The Lark City ebike has quite a unique battery frame and design that is unlike many other electric bikes on the market. The battery...

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    Ancheer Electric Bike | Commuting E Cruiser Review

    The Ancheer 26" Electric Commuting E Cruiser is a classic city styled bike with a rear mounted battery on the back rack of the bike. Due to low component and mechanical quality parts, the Commuting E Cruiser is likely to need routine service and maintenance giving this bike a relatively...

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    Nakto Camel 26" Electric Bike Review

    Electric bike shopping can be overwhelming. With so many different brands, styles, and attributes to compare, finding an ebike that perfectly matches your needs can be difficult. Thats where we come in. Our professional ebike mechanics here at the Tower eBike Repair Shop aim to alleviate that...

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