Electric Bike Battery 48v – Cleaning Instructions?

Electric Bike 48V Battery

A Tower Beach Bum comes equipped with a 48V/14 Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery. As these batteries are of high quality it is important that you take care of them throughout their lifespan. 

You should take care when cleaning any electrical component on your ebike as all of the connections are live. Removing the battery is going to decrease the risk of an electrical current potentially harming you during the electric Bike battery cleaning process. It will also make the ebike much lighter and allow you to clean the part of the frame that the battery covers if you plan on cleaning the whole electric Bike. Don’t be too alarmed if a little water seeps into the edges and corners of the electric bike battery during the cleaning process. Most 48v electric Bike battery models are designed to drain the water out of the battery. The majority of E-bike and E-bike batteries on the market are not waterproof but they are water resistant. Additionally, the battery isn’t the only water sensitive aspect of an eBike. The motor, bearings, and switches are all also water sensitive and it is important that you are careful when washing these as well.

The best way to clean these areas is to simply use a can of compressed air and a drop of 90% rubbing alcohol if necessary. Never use anything other than what we have mentioned above, chemicals, water and grease will short out and damage the electrical connections. Also do not use a power washer when cleaning your E-Bike as the strong water pressure can damage the bike. If you don’t have a can of compressed air and 90% rubbing alcohol you can use a damp rag to clean the battery. There is no need to spray the battery with water as that will increase the chance of water seeping into the sides and crevices of the 48v electric battery. As with every part of the electric bike cleaning process when it comes to water, less is more. Your rag doesn’t need to be drenched in water, it just needs to be damp enough to get the dirt, mud, and dust that can harm the electric battery.

Pay attention as you are cleaning the battery terminal and battery switch as it is better to go lightly over these aspects of the electric battery. For the electrical contacts of the battery, you can use a contact cleaner and spray that directly onto the electrical contacts such as the battery terminal. This will help drive out any excess water that can potentially harm the electric bike battery. After applying the spray you can wipe it down one more time to make sure its really clean. It is good to always triple check that you have completely dried the electrical components after the cleaning process is done, including the wires that are connected to the frame of the E-Bike.

The main goal while cleaning your electric bike battery is to get rid of any dirt, dust, or sand that could potentially seep into the cracks and affect the electrical components. Once you have concluded that there is no harmful debris and the electric bike battery is completely dry you can plug the battery back in to charge. 

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