eBike Wheel Maintenance

Just like the other components on your Tower ebike, your wheels and tires should be maintained and looked after. As our tires are not as commonly found as those on traditional bikes, replacing them can be tricky. It is worth noting that because of the additional weight and higher speeds that electric bikes travel at compared to normal bikes, the wheels come under greater pressure and as such can wear out quicker if they are not maintained or are abused.

It is always a good idea to make sure that your tires are fully inflated, low pressure in tires can be a source of flats believe it or not. Riders experience pinch flats as a result of low tire pressure. They occur when pressure is placed on the tube so much that it connects with the rim hard enough to perforate the tube. Pinch flats are easily identifiable because they are usually two small holes beside each other from the points that they were pressed against the rim.

On the flip side of that, over inflated tires are susceptible to punctures from sharp objects due to the high amount of pressure within the tube. Regardless of the amount of pressure in your tires it’s best to steer clear of glass, thorns and other sharp objects that might find their way into your path. This can be less of an issue with fat tires as there will be a larger amount of rubber to protect the inner tube however, we always advise our customers that it is better to be safe than sorry with these kinds of things.

To avoid the potential for a flat, your best bet is to stick as close to our recommended PSI as possible. We suggest using 20 PSI generally. Even if a tire doesn’t look flat it may require some air as there is no way of knowing how much pressure is in there without hooking it up to a gauge.

Bike tires will leak over time even if you don’t have a puncture so it is good to make a routine of checking up on your tire pressure once a month or so. This can quickly be done when doing maintenance on the other parts of your bike.

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