How strong are eBike tires?

The dirty little secret in the electric bike world is that flat tires are a huge problem. The problem stems from the extra weight that electric bikes carry as a result of adding the battery and motor, which most companies don't account for. They don't want to face the extra cost of adding tires that will withstand the stresses that ebike tires go through so they use regular bicycle tires, which tend to pop pretty regularly. 

At Tower, we are aware of the problem, after popping multiple tires while testing out other electric bikes we knew that it was something that needed fixing. The Beach Bum uses high end Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires which not only have shock absorbing properties but are also Kevlar reinforced fibers to add further puncture protection. We also have identified some tips to avoid flat tires on ebikes.

Fat tire electric bikes are pretty trendy in the electric bike market right now, they offer more surface area than your typical bike tire which increases traction and in theory, should reduce puncture potential because the weight of the bike is spread out over a greater area. We found that many fat tires are not as rugged as they are made out to be, most have have thin walls and are more easily susceptible to punctures than you would think.

Given that electric bikes open up the possibility of biking for greater distance than you would on a traditional bike, flat tires and being stranded miles from home are the last thing you want to worry about.