How to Change Your eBikes Top Speed

Setting a speed limit on your Tower Electric Bike can be a great feature if your ebike will be used by friends or people who have not ridden an electric bike before and may not be comfortable riding at 18mph. Our Tower Electric Bikes come custom with an 18mph speed limit, but can be adjusted anywhere from 12mph - 25mph.

To set a speed limit, hold the "+" and "-" buttons together for 2 seconds and you will be prompted with a password. The stock password is 1234. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to navigate through the numbers and use the middle button to select the numbers. "Set Top Speed" and press menu to enter the setting.

You will then be prompted with the settings menu. Press and hold down the + and - buttons to flip to the next screen. There you will select top speed limit by pressing the LCD's middle button. You can then scroll between speed limits using the + and -'s and select a speed limit with the middle button. If you want to go even faster than 25mph, check out our tips to make your electric bike faster