My gears won't shift correctly

Problems with your gears are nothing to worry about and can arise over time with use. After you have been riding your ebike for a little while, some parts will loosen up. If your gears aren't shifting correctly it could be down to either a stretched shifter cable or you need to adjust your bike derailleur.

Adjusting the tension on the shifter cable can be quickly done while the bike is stationary on a bike stand or while riding, but you must rotate the pedals in order to see the changes you make. We suggest that if you are doing this while you are riding that you switch to PAS level 0. In order to increase the tension on the cable shifter simply turn the Fine Adjustment Knob away from you 3 times and then test how the gears shift. If there is no change, repeat the process. If the shifting gets worse, return to the original position. The reason that we say to twist 3 times is so you can easily keep track of how many times you have twisted it in case you wish to return it to its original level of tension.