Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?

Yes you can. While most electric bikes can be ridden in the rain, we advise being careful when doing so as generally electricity and water do not go well together. We recommend that you avoid deep puddles when possible and avoid completely submerging the electrical components in water at all costs.

If you are riding your ebike in rainy conditions, make sure to dry the electrical components with a towel or cloth when you get to your destination if possible. This will protect the electrical components against any heavy moisture that may be stagnant. We suggest that you also remove the battery and dry it fully along with the electrical contact points too.

Storing your electric bike in the rain

When possible, store your electric bike indoors however, if you must store your e-bike outside in rainy conditions, be sure that it is covered by a good quality impermeable cover or a solid rain shelter in order to protect it. E-bikes are water resistant, not waterproof. They will withstand showers and riding in wet conditions but prolonged exposure will eventually take its toll and seep into the electrical parts. If you live in a wet environment, taking good care of your electric bike key to a long lifespan.