e-Bike Hub Adjustment (Hub Motor Wheel)

Service Price: $55

Making sure the wheel hubs on your ebike are properly tightened is very important, as that is what rotates around as the wheel moves. This is extra important on hub driven ebike motors, as with the higher rate of torque, you want to make sure everything is tight, sturdy, and freely moving. An ebike hub driven motor requires a bit more indepth service than our regular hub adjustment, as we actually work on the ebike motor directly.

When you drop off your electric bike for a hub motor adjustment, we first properly disconnect the hub driven wheel from the ebike frame and connectors. Once the hub motor wheel was removed from your electric bicycle, we then begin servicing the hub motor. To do this, we remove any bolts holding the motor together, allowing us to access the internals of the ebike hub motor. Once the ebike motor is accessible, we then begin assessing the inside, and making whatever adjustments are needed. The biggest thing to check in the ebike hub motors is checking out the planetary gears. These planetary gears are what turn the hub motor and make the wheel move. Occasionally these planetary gears can get damaged, dried out, and loosened. During our hub motor wheel service, we would re-greese and lube the planetary gears, and reinstall them onto the ebike motor.

Once everything has been assessed and reassembled, we would put the motor back onto the ebike wheel, and close everything up. After the ebike hub motor has been reassembled and closed, we remount the whole ebike hub motor wheel back onto the frame, taking care to connect the ebike cables back to the hub motor. Once everything is connected and mounted, we then test to make sure everything is running smoothly and correctly.

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