What should I do with my battery if I won't be riding for a while?

If you are going on vacation or if you know that you won’t be riding your ebike for a while, we suggest that you run the battery down part of the way, to about 40%, and then store it. The key here to ensuring that your battery will remain in its current condition is to keep it at a constant, cool temperature.

Heat and temperature fluctuations are two of the biggest contributing factors that result in diminished battery life. If you can keep it in your refrigerator, do. Batteries naturally self-discharge (lose charge) when not in use and cooler temperatures help to slow that process down so keeping it in your refrigerator will preserve battery life and keep the battery at a constant temperature while you are away.

Note: If you are going to store your battery in the refrigerator, you should keep them sealed in a plastic bag to prevent condensation.