Disc Brake Rotor Install (Regular Wheel)

Service Price: $20

A rotor on your ebike is the metal disc that the disc brake caliper would clamp onto to slow down your electric bicycle. There are many different levels and styles of raptors for your ebike, all with different features. Most of the time when you get more expensive rotors, they have an increased heat dissipation. As you brake on your ebike, the rotors and brake pads heat up, especially at higher speeds and sustained braking. The hotter your brake pads and brake rotors get, the less braking power they deliver, which is why rotors with more cooling are sought after. In addition to the different designs, there are also different sized rotors. Going to a bigger rotor will give you more braking power, but oftentimes going to a bigger rotor means you have to get an adapter bracket for your ebike brake caliper. Because they are the surface you are braking on, the rotors do not last forever and must be replaced from time to time as the metal in the rotor gets worn thin. When this occurs, it can be unsafe to ride, as the rotor gets so thin, it could break while riding. If your rotor is getting thin and needs to be replaced, then our ebike rotor replacement service will get you rolling again!

For our ebike rotor replacement service, we first have to take the wheel with the bad rotor off of the ebike. Once the wheel is removed, we can then access the bolts holding the rotor on the ebike wheel hub. With the bolts removed, we can now remove the old ebike rotor and dispose of it. To install the new ebike rotor, we lay down the rotor on the wheel hub at the spot it would go. We then have to pay attention to which way the rotor is supposed to spin and orient it in the right direction. Once it is facing the correct direction, we then put down the locking plates. These locking plates cover 2 holes at a time. With those in place, we then begin installing the bolts that hold down the rotor. We gradually screw them in, but not torque them down all the way. Once all of the bolts are most of the way in, but not lightened, we then start tightening them down. We tighten these rotor bolts down in a “star” pattern. This means that when we tighten one bolt, the next bolt we tighten will be one across the rotor from that bolt. We continue doing that around the rotor, and the lines make a sort of star. This star pattern helps ensure that all the bolts are getting an even amount of torque around the rotor. We then finally hit all the bolts with a bicycle torque wrench to torque them down to the proper factory specified torque. Finally, with the rotor properly installed, we would then remount your wheel and make any adjustments necessary with your new rotor set up.

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