Derailleur Installation 

Service Price: $35

As you are riding your electric bicycle, you may notice that it becomes more difficult, or too easy to pedal at different parts of your ride, like if you are climbing a hill. That is what shifting into the different gears on your ebike will help account for! This shifting is performed primarily by the ebike derailleurs. Derailleurs are critical parts of your ebike drivetrain that help the ebike change gears to account for the need for different speeds. The ebike derailleur is a cable actuated (sometimes electronic actuated) part of the drivetrain that moves the positioning of the chain into different sized rings on the cassette and crankset. As you click the shifter on the ebike handlebars, it pulls the cable, moving the derailleur into a different position. The ebike chain is fed through the derailleurs, so when the derailleur moves, it moves the chain with it onto a different sized gear ring.

As you own your ebike, you may want to switch to a different derailleur, or have to replace an older one already on your bike. Regardless of the reason, our ebike derailleur install will get your ebike shifting like a dream! When we install a derailleur, regardless of if it is a front derailleur or a rear derailleur, first we have to remove the chain from the ebike drivetrain. After the ebike chain has been taken off, we would then release the shifter cable and unmount the ebike derailleur. Once the old derailleur is removed, we would then mount on the new ebike derailleur and feed the shifter cable into it. We would then reinstall your ebike chain, feeding it through the derailleur. After your ebike drivetrain is reassembled, we would then adjust the derailleur so it indexes through all of the gears on your ebike. We would set the high limit screw and the low limit screw, and adjust the b-limit screw if needed. Once those limit screws have been set, we would then shift through the gears and add or remove shifter cable tension as needed. Once the ebike derailleur shifts through all the gears smoothly, your ebike is ready to roll!

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