Derailleur Adjustment

Service Price: $20

As you ride your electric bike, it is not uncommon for the shifting on the ebike to become not as smooth and reliable as it once was. This is completely normal for any ebike. This occurs to do to what is called “cable stretch”. The derailleurs on your ebike use the tension between the shifter and the derailleur to move the chain on the cassette and crank. However, over time, this steel braided cable begins to stretch a bit, throwing off the tension the derailleur was adjusted for.

When this tension gets thrown off, the ebike derailleur will no longer shift properly and your chain can start slipping between gears. When this cable stretch occurs on your ebike, it is time to bring it in for our ebike derailleur adjustment service! During our ebike derailleur adjustment service, we make sure that your derailleur is shifting perfectly again.

First, we would shift through the gears to find where the problem area is. After we have identified the area of the cassette or crank that is having difficulty, we then go about adding more cable tension to accommodate for the stretch. Once the ebike derailleur is moving the chain through the different rings smoothly and without jumping, the bike is now indexing correctly. After the cable tension has been readjusted, we reassess the high and low limit screws and make adjustments as needed. After the limit screws have been readjusted, your ebike derailleur is now properly tuned and your electric bike is ready to ride!

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