Crankset Removal, Install, or Swap Out

Service Price: $30

Your ebike crank is one of the most important parts of the electric bike as it is the part that you mount your pedals on and helps you move the bike! The cranks themselves mount onto the ebike bottom bracket to be able to spin freely. Occasionally, you may want to switch your crankset out, either for looks, replace an older one, or switching chainrings and needing different crank arms. Regardless of the reason, our ebike crank service has you covered!

When you drop your electric bicycle off for a crank service, first we remove the old pedals off of your old crank, so that they can be installed on your new ebike cranks. After the pedals have been removed, we then start taking off the old ebike crank arms. Once those arms have been taken off, we install your new ebike crank arms. Depending on the ebike crankset, the chainring may have to be moved over to the new crank as well. Once the crank is fully assembled, we then tighten them down and get them to the proper factory torque. If an ebike crankset is not properly torqued to factory specifications, it can prematurely wear down your bottom bracket, as well as the crankset itself. Finally, after the ebike crankset has been properly torqued, we finish by installing the pedals onto the new crank arms, and your ebike is now ready to jam!

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