Clipless Pedals Installation & Setup

Service Price: $50

Clipless pedals are a modern pedal innovation that allows riders to snap in and out of their pedals to enhance their riding. When you normally pedal your ebike, you can only deliver power to the drivetrain at about 45% of the rotation, as you can only press down to apply power. However, with clipless pedals, you can also pull up on your cranks, allowing you to get power at 100% of your rotation. This helps when wanting to go extra fast, or want a bit of extra climbing power. If you are looking to take your riding to the next level, clipless pedals are definitely a great option for you.

During our ebike clipless pedal install and set-up, we help you get your ebike and biking shoes ready to jam! The part of this ebike service is the same as our regular ebike pedal swap service. We remove your old pedals from the bike, grease the thread on the pedals, and install the new clipless pedals onto your ebike. However, the service does not end there. In order to use clipless pedals, you would need cycling shoes that can have the corresponding cleat mounted to the bottom. Which cleat and shoe you use would depend on what clipless pedal you chose. The next step of the ebike clipless pedal install is to install the cleats onto your cycling shoes. The cleats themselves have a variable position that they can be mounted in, and the position is a matter of individual rider comfort. Once we have them mounted onto the shoes in the proper position, we help you get clipped in to make sure they are working. Oftentimes, clipless pedals brand new from the box are very tight and are difficult to get the cleat in. If that was the case, we help you get those cleats loosened up.

Your ebike clipless set-up is now complete! Before your first ride, it is a smart idea to practice clipping in and out of the new pedals while at home and stationary. You can hold yourself up in a doorway or against a piece of furniture so you do not fall over while stationary. It is best to practice clipping in and out for a few minutes, so when you are going for your first ride with the clipless pedals, you have the muscle memory on how to get out of the pedals when you stop your ebike.

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